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Great Roofing Systems Begin With Strong Shingles on Canfield, OH, Homes

shingle roof replacement
The roof on a home or business is made of several different layers. On houses, the exterior layer is nearly always composed of some variety of shingles. Shingles on Canfield, OH, area homes are usually made of a durable composite material. Aim Roofing & Construction has always chosen to utilize products made by leading home improvement manufacturers, including GAF. GAF is known for producing shingles and other exceptional roofing components. Choosing superior materials is just one more way that we put our customers’ priorities first.

GAF Warranty Coverage Leads the Way

The GAF shingles we install carries a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for labor and materials. After that period has expired, the material begins to prorate down and labor is no longer included. As a GAF preferred contractor, we can offer customers an extended warranty that lasts 50 years. This extended warranty includes non-prorated labor and materials; the warranty is also transferable to a new homeowner should you ever sell your house.

Valuable Roofing Features

In addition to offering high quality construction products, we can also accommodate numerous special roofing features during the installation or repair process. This includes:

  • Chimney flashing
  • Rain gutter guards with hidden hangers
  • Ice dams

Lasting Strength and Visual Appeal

Investing in strength and quality is important at every stage of a roof’s life cycle. From installation, to maintenance, to repair and replacement companies should choose to work with a contractor like Aim Roofing & Construction. We can work closely with home and business owners to determine the best maintenance schedule to give our roof system the best chance of standing strong against anything Mother Nature might send.

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