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Call Us When You Need Siding Replacement in Youngstown Ohio

siding replacement
When to referring to their homes, most homeowners call them “the roof over their heads.” Their choice of phrase certainly emphasizes which of their exterior systems they value most. Yet given the importance that the exterior materials covering their walls also plays in protecting them from the elements, it’s surprising that no one ever says “the siding surrounding me and my family.” Siding is the silent hero helping to both beautify your home and maintain its good condition. While the roof serves as the shield against Mother Nature’s wrath, it must work in concert with your siding in order to provide you optimal protection. Few understand this better than us here at Aim Roofing & Construction

Siding Service You Can Rely On

Here at Aim Roofing & Construction, we place as much of an emphasis on providing high-quality siding replacement in Youngstown Ohio, Canfield, and their many sister cities as we do any other service that we offer. We pay attention to the little details, such as ensuring a proper fit around windows and doors so that no water can penetrate to your home’s interior. We also make sure all soffits are properly perforated for ideal ventilation. Finally, every siding job we do comes with the added protection of our own Duranyle 5000 Protection System, which is guaranteed to withstand severe weather including winds ups to 200 miles per hour. The added UV protection it provides also offers a lifetime guarantee against fading.

How to Know When New Siding is Needed

When do you need new siding? Other than when building a new home, here are some signs to look for that your siding should be replaced:

  • There are noticeable cracks, chips, or holes in it.
  • It has started to bubble in certain areas.
  • You notice fungus, mildew, or peeling paint inside your home.

If any of these signs become apparent, call us right away.

We’re Here to Help You

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your siding again. Whether you’re looking to make over your home’s exterior or simply need to replace worn or damaged panels, we here at Aim Roofing & Construction have you covered. After you see the attention to detail that we place on the proper placement and fitting or your siding, you’ll understand just how committed we are to our motto “We Aim to Please.” To schedule a free consultation to discuss your siding needs, take a moment to fill out our online contact form. You can also call us at (330) 533-0291.